Waste Less and Recycle More

Commercial properties, including businesses and apartments, generate nearly three-fourths of the 40 million tons of solid waste disposed annually in the State, and much of this waste from the commercial sector is readily recyclable.

2008 California Waste Characterization Study (by waste stream sector)

Waste Characterization Study

Source: California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery
  • The current overall recycling rate for businesses in Elk Grove is 21%. We need to, and we can, do better.
  • The City is required by State Law (AB 939) to recycle 50% of its waste, with a goal of 75% by the year 2020 (AB 341).
  • Additionally, AB 341 mandates recycling at all commercial properties that generate four cubic yards or more of solid waste per week and at all multi-family residential dwellings with five or more units.

Join The BIN Coalition: Build Infrastructure Now!

Recycling Bin

Join the statewide effort to build additional recycling market development infrastructure in California and to reach for an alternative to the current export of 80% or more of recyclables to offshore markets.

Download the white paper from the Recycling BIN Coalition:


Waste Less

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