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Environmental Review 2010

This page contains links to all of the environmental documents currently under review by the City of Elk Grove.  You are invited to download and view the documents and submit comments. The City of Elk Grove strives to maintain as many documents on the planning web site as possible for your review. A rolling 12 months of environmental review documents are available.

Dates in Black: Public review under way MND: Mitigated Negative Declaration
Dates in Red: Public Review has ended ND: Negative Declaration
DEIR: Draft Environmental Impact Report NOP: Notice of Preparation
DSuEIR: Supplement Environmental Impact Report IS: Initial Study
FEIR: Final Environmental Impact Report

Environmental Public Document under Review

Project Name Type Description Public Review Ends
Fieldstone South II NOI/MND Fieldstone South II Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration/ Fieldstone South Amendments Project 11/01/2010
Corporation Yard Facilities Master Plan and Transit Yard Facilities Master Plan Project NOI/MND Corp Yard Master Plan and Transit Yard Master Plan Project Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration. Notice of Intent 07/15/2010
Quail Run Lane/Bruceville Road Southwest Corner Improvements Project NOI/MND Quail Run Lane/Bruceville Road Southwest Corner Improvements Draft Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration. Notice of Intent 06/03/2010
Franklin Crossing Amendments project (EG-09-062) NOI/IS/MND The project consists of amendments to a previously approved project. 05/26/2010
Elk Grove Intermodal Rail Station NOI/IS/MND Notice of Intent to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study for the Elk Grove Intermodal Rail Station 02/27/2010

Please note that state law provides deadlines for the submitting comments on environmental documents - your comments must be received on time in order to be considered.

Also note: All current environmental documents may not be listed here - for detailed information, please call the Planning Division, at (916) 478-2265.

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