The Redistricting Project for the City of Elk Grove concluded April 13, 2022. For questions, please contact the City Clerk, Jason Lindgren via email or at (916) 478-2286.

The Adopted District Map Plan

Following the public hearing of Item 8.2 heard on April 13, 2022, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 2022-077 adopting legal descriptions and map of City Council Member Residency Districts:

Demographer Services

The City of Elk Grove initiated a contract with National Demographics Corporation (NDC) to assist with demographic services for the Redistricting Project.

NDC provided an initial presentation at a public hearing on February 9, 2022 with an overview of the process of redistricting and initial demographic analysis of the City of Elk Grove based on 2020 Census data. The February 9, 2022 meeting video includes the visual presentation given by National Demographics Corporation.  The March 23, 2022 meeting video includes the visual presentation given by National Demographics Corporation of the finalist map plans.  The final district map plan was adopted on April 13, 2022 by Resolution No. 2022-077.


City Clerk

City Clerk

Jason Lindgren
Email  or (916) 478-2286

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