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The City of Elk Grove is committed to providing its residents with facilities and information that make traveling within the city and beyond as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Below is your guide to walking, biking, transit, and driving within Elk Grove and throughout the Sacramento Region. We've even included a few extra options in case you need a wireless hot spot or an electric vehicle charging station. The City always seeks to improve the information on our website, and we welcome your comments or suggestions on how we can make this page better for serving your needs - Please submit your comments or suggestions via the Ask Elk Grove tool.


Elk Grove’s First Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Over Highway 99

Elk Grove’s First Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Over Highway 99

After many years of planning and design work, the City of Elk Grove is now ready for its first freeway pedestrian overcrossing! The new 1,300-foot long, 14-foot wide bridge spanning East and West Stockton Boulevard and Highway 99 connects to a new 2,640-foot long, 10-foot wide asphalt trail along the creek.  Other construction included drainage pipes and headwalls, removal and construction of sidewalks, rock slope protection, repair of creek embankment plus landscaping and a freeway sign structure. The overall objective of the Project is to improve the connectivity of the Elk Grove Creek Trail corridor as identified in the Elk Grove Trails Master Plan.  The Project provides a safe crossing of State Route 99, encouraging more non-vehicle trips within the City and region, thus improving air quality and the overall health of the Elk Grove community. These improvements will also improve bicycle and pedestrian access to businesses along the Elk Grove Creek Trail corridor. For more information, contact Project Manager Jeff Werner at (916) 478-3602 or [email protected].

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