Common Violations

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Accumulation of Junk and Rubbish

Generally this refers to items that are broken and should be discarded. Additionally, storage of items that are generally stored in garage or shed could result in a call from a concerned community member due to the accumulation or unkempt conditions.

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Overgrown grass or weeds

Grass that is clearly exceeding over 12 inches in height. Sporadic weeds and in-between mows does not constitute a nuisance or a violation of The Elk Grove Municipal Code.

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Trees and shrubs

Trees in front yards must have branches hang no lower than 10 feet to allow clearance and use of the public sidewalk. Trees hanging over the street require a height no lower than 13 feet to allow clearance by all vehicles.

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Garbage carts in public view or right of way

All carts must be stored on the side of the home or behind the side yard fence. Storage on the driveway, front yard, porch, street or sidewalk is prohibited.

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Please report graffiti in the city.

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Basketball Hoops

Recreational sporting equipment must be stored on private property (i.e., the driveway or front yard). Storage on the street or sidewalk is prohibited.

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Inoperable vehicles

All vehicles stored on the driveway must be legally registered, complete (no missing parts or severely damaged) and in running condition.

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Vehicle parking

Also referred to as “yard parking” vehicles may not be parked on front lawns or unimproved surfaces.

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Fences generally require a five foot setback (depending on the location of your home). Fences can be up to 7 feet without a building permit.

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Recreational Vehicles/RV Parking

Recreational vehicles, vessel and trailers are not allowed on the front yard setbacks (the driveway). If you owned and parked your RV on your property before August of 2006 these rules do not apply.

  • Your RV can be parked on the street for up to 72 hours.
  • You can store an RV in your driveway if there’s at least 20 feet of space between your RV, and the sidewalk, and if you have at least 6 feet of screening (such as a fence, hedge or trees).

    *Screening isn’t required for properties two acres or larger.

  • If you live on a corner lot the RV must be parked at least 12 and a half feet away from the property line.

If you owned and parked your RV on your property before August of 2006 these rules do not apply.

Have questions about parking an RV? Contact us online or call (916) 478-2265

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Unmaintained swimming pool or pond
If you notice a property with an unmaintained swimming pool or pond which may result to mosquito breeding, please call the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District at 1-800-429-1022.
Housing violations

The housing violations Code Enforcement receives reports on are primarily related to rental properties. Below are the most common reports we receive:

  • Lack of electricity
  • Water intrusion/leak
  • HVAC system not in working condition

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