Handouts and Requirements

Boundary Line Adjustments
Improvement Plans
Grading Plan
Landscape Improvement Plans Handout
Letter of Authorization
New Building Addresses
Parcel and Final Maps
Project Billing Information Form
Utility Representatives Contact List
Design Exception Submittal Form
WELO Certificate of Completion
Reimbursement Policies and Procedures for Privately-Constructed Public Facilities 
Improvement Standards Dated
Improvement Standards October 10, 2007
Modifications or Additions October 10, 2007
Prior Improvement Standards June 1999
Modifications or Additions June 1999 and September 2001
Standard Constructions Dated
Standard Construction Specifications October 2007
Prior Standard Construction Specifications September 2001
Standard Drawings Dated
Standard Drawings October 10, 2007

Building a Residential Building in the Floodplain

If you would like information on building a residential structure in a flood plain, please contact (916) 478-3638 or (916) 478-2252 Each project will be reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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