Encroachment Permits

Pursuant to Section 12.08 of the Elk Grove Municipal Code, an Encroachment Permit is required any time work affecting the public right-of-way (PROW) is performed. Types of work include, but are not limited to, sidewalk repair, traffic control, utility tie-ins, emergency repairs, exploratory potholing, or excavation.

There are 3 types of encroachment permits issued by the City of Elk Grove:

  • Annual (AEP): Used for emergency repairs only. Annual Encroachment Permits are generally available to municipal utilities and franchise utility companies. The permit is valid from date of issuance through December 31 of each year.
  • Major (EP): Required for non-emergency work and maintenance activities. Encroachment Permits expire 90 days from permit issuance.
  • Minor (MEP): Required when minor work affecting the right-of-way is performed. Type of work include sidewalk repair, driveway and/or culvert installation and repair, pool demolition (required for tracking/monitoring of debris within the City’s right-of-way under the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan), and tree trimming requiring sidewalk or road closures.

Information to Apply for an Encroachment Permit

Flowchart for Major Encroachment Permit Process Flowchart for Minor Encroachment Permit Process Permit Fees for Encroachment PermitsInstructions to Apply for an Encroachment Permit Through the Permit Portal CenterApply for an Encroachment Permit

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