Street Sweeping Maintenance

Tips for a clean sweep!

  1. Move your vehicle by 6:00am on sweep day — One parked car prevents about three car lengths of curb from being swept.
  2. Rake up leaves or remaining yard trimmings — Throw them inside your Green Waste bin. Do not leave piles of yard waste on the street.
  3. Prune overhanging tree branches at least 14 feet above the street and gutter (16 feet along bus routes) to avoid damaging the sweeping equipment and 8 feet above the sidewalk for pedestrian safety. Pruning street trees is at the property owner’s responsibility.
  4. Remove basketball backboards and trash cans.

The City of Elk Grove Operations and Maintenance Division sweeps nearly 14,000 curb miles in the city each year. Our goal with this effort is to remove particulate matter, pollutants, and other debris from the roadway to prevent these materials from entering our storm drain system and local waterways.

Why is street sweeping important?

An effective street sweeping program is important because removing debris from gutters and road sides means less debris goes down storm drains and into a creek, causing water pollution.

The City's street sweeping program is only part of the solution to water pollution. Residents can help by being aware of how their actions can contribute to or help solve the problem. For instance, over watering can wash pollutants from yards and streets into gutters and storm drains. These pollutants include pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and yard clippings.

Remove obstructions from the street

Residents who rake leaves and yard clippings into the street make it difficult for crews to remove these potential pollutants. Do not place leaves or other garden waste into the street or gutters. The street sweeper cannot pick it up, as they are not designed to pick up large piles of leaves. Do not sweep leaves from your front yard, sidewalk or planter strip onto the street. Instead please utilize your garden waste cart for all your yard and garden waste.

Residents may request up to 2 additional Green Waste bins and 3 bulky waste collections per year at no additional charge. Call Republic Services at (916) 635-2500 to schedule your requests.

Sweeping Frequency

Residential Sweeping
Scheduled to occur every month (12 times annually). View the residential schedule for the entire city. This schedule is updated annually beginning July 1st of each year.
Residential Leaf Sweeps
Residential leaf sweeps occur up to 4 times annually (or as needed) during November through February. The number of sweeps and the months we sweep may be adjusted to accommodate leaf drop. These leaf sweeps are in addition to the residential sweeps noted above.
Major Corridors or Arterial Streets
Major streets in the city are swept at least twice per month with some of the busier corridors being swept weekly.
Commercial/Industrial Corridors
These streets are scheduled to be swept once per week.
Intersection Sweeps
All signalized intersections in the city are swept twice monthly from April to September and once monthly from October to March.

Street Sweeping Schedules

City street sweeping schedules are reviewed each year and modified as necessary to meet program and City goals. Enter your address in the map below to find your street sweeping schedule.

Please note: As a cost-saving measure, streets are no longer swept on holidays. When scheduled street sweeping falls on a holiday, the streets affected will be swept on their next regularly scheduled day.

Private or gated communities are not swept by the City of Elk Grove.

Reporting Street Maintenance Problems

Contact the Operations and Maintenance Division to report a problem by calling: (916) 687-3005, or report an issue online and we'll come out to take care of it.

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