Traffic Signal Maintenance

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The Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for 157 traffic signals, pedestrian signals, and warning flashers within the City of Elk Grove. Traffic signals are our top priority. When there is a problem, we respond promptly. Our signal technicians work around the clock to keep signals functioning properly. All signalized intersections are on a quarterly preventative maintenance schedule. Safety monitors are installed at all intersections to prevent conflicting green lights from being displayed. The monitors are thoroughly inspected and tested annually.

Reporting Traffic Signal Problems

The Operations and Maintenance Department relies heavily on the public to inform us when a traffic signal is out or malfunctioning. To report a malfunctioning traffic signal, please call (916) 687-3005 as soon as possible.

Typical problems/requests that warrant an immediate response from signal maintenance crews include:

  • All lights out due to power outage.
  • Signals flashing red in all directions.
  • Loose or turned signal heads.
  • Damage caused by vehicles.
  • Burned out lamps.
  • Timing Problems – long red or short green.

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