Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings Maintenance

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The Operations and Maintenance Division performs maintenance on all traffic signs, pavement markings, and lane line striping throughout the City.  All of these are commonly referred to as non-electrical traffic control devices.  Examples of these devices are listed below:

  • All traffic signs and street name signs
  • All traffic lane lines.
  • All Crosswalks
  • Raised pavement markers, reflective and non-reflective
  • School Zone pavement markings
  • All traffic symbols such as arrows and bicycles
  • Painted Curb Markings

Nearly all traffic signs are replaced programmatically based on the manufacturers recommended service life of each sign’s reflective sheeting.  Priority is given to regulatory signs and warning signs which are replace every 7-10 years.  Signs are also replaced in cases of vandalism where the sign might be tagged in an act of vandalism or otherwise painted in a manner that the message on the sign is no longer or only partially legible. The Maintenance and Operations Division has also identified certain regulatory and warning signs for immediate replacement should they become damaged or are missing.

If you notice a missing or damaged stop sign, yield sign, railroad crossing sign, or other warning sign, please report the problem immediately to our maintenance hotline at (916) 687-3005. The Operations and Maintenance Division has staff on call 24/7 to respond to these problems.

Requests for the Installation of New Traffic Signs or Markings

Please refer to the Engineering Services Division and the Traffic Engineering section for information on requesting new traffic signs or pavement markings.  Or, feel free to call our maintenance hot line and our customer service staff will transfer your call to the Traffic Engineering section. 

Reporting Traffic Sign & Pavement Marking Problems

Contact the Operations and Maintenance Division to report a problem by calling: (916) 687-3005, or report an issue online and we'll come out to take care of it.

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