Standard Construction Specifications by Section

Section Name Name
Contents Table of Contents
Section 1 Terms and Definitions
Section 2 Bid Requirements and Conditions
Section 3 Award and Execution of Contract
Section 4 Scope of Work
Section 5 Control of Work and Materials
Section 6 Legal Relations and Responsibilities
Section 7 Prosecution of the Work
Section 8 Measurement and Payment
Section 9 Changes and Claims
Section 10 Environmental Controls at Work Site
Section 11 Record Drawings
Section 12 Construction Area Traffic Control
Section 13 Existing Facilities
Section 14 Restoration of Surfaces
Section 15 Clearing and Grubbing
Section 16 Water Used in Construction
Section 17 Dust Control
Section 18 Earthwork
Section 19 Trench Excavation, Bedding and Backfill
Section 20 Landscaping
Section 21 Finishing Roadway
Section 22 Base Material
Section 23 Asphalt Concrete
Section 24 Side Forms and Headers
Section 25 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement
Section 26 Cold Plane Asphalt Concrete Pavement
Section 27 Curbs, gutters, Sidewalks, and Drainage Structures
Section 28 Piling
Section 29 Prestress Concrete
Section 30 Concrete Structures
Section 31 Reinforcement
Section 32 Waterproofing
Section 33 Steel Structures
Section 34 Signs
Section 35 Timber Structures
Section 36 Cast In‐Place Concrete Pipe (CIPCP)
Section 37 Boring and Jacking
Section 38 Storm Drain Construction
Section 39 Manholes
Section 40 Miscellaneous Facilities
Section 41 Water Distribution Systems
Section 42 Relocation and Maintenance of Utility Facilities
Section 43 Cleaning Pipelines
Section 44 Shotcrete, Cast Concrete, Channel, Lining, and Grouted Cobble
Section 45 Chain Link Fence
Section 46 Survey Monuments
Section 47 Railings and Barriers
Section 48 Traffic Stripes and Pavement Markings
Section 49 Signals, Lighting and Electrical Systems
Section 50 Construction Materials

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