Weekly "Dinners to Go" from 3-5 Trucks

First Wednesday of every month
4:00pm to 7:00pm
District56 Aquatics Center Parking Lot: 9701 Big Horn Blvd

Order Food In Advance!

Important COVID Safety Information

  • Please observe social distancing rules, even if you live in the same household. We will have cones set up every 7 feet to assist.
  • Please use online ordering for a 100% contactless meal ordering experience.
  • All food truck personnel will have gloves and masks. We ask that you bring a mask as well for your protection and those around you.
  • Food trucks are being sanitized before, during, and after each service and all CDC recommended measures are in place to ensure a safe food purchase.
  • While we love you for supporting the food trucks, please do not loiter, or you will risk us being shut down and unable to operate.

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